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Publicon has been devoted to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible for the last 10 years, constantly improving, using the best practices and doing our part to be kind to the environment and contribute to society.

We have pledged to follow the sustainable event principles summarised by the Events Industry Council.


For each event that we organise, we try to minimise the effects we have on the environment and promote sustainable practices while taking into account all the needs that our clients and participants might have.

Some of the things we do:



All food for our events comes from local high-quality producers. The catering takes into account allergies and preferences reported in the registration form, no participant will go hungry. We consider the amount people usually eat (according to our long experience) so that little food is left unconsumed. In the case of excess, the food finds its way to foodbanks.



Starting from last year, we regularly donate to a project that offers financial support to young people who grew up in an orphanage and despite this have managed to make it to a higher education institution. 



As a workplace, Publicon has no tolerance for any kind of discrimination. 
As a conference organiser, we take gender-based needs into account. For example, women who are pregnant or have small children are welcome at our events - we offer separate rooms for their needs and satisfy any requests they might have.



We channel business only to venues that provide proper sanitation and offer drinkable high-quality tap water. At our events, participants always have access to clean drinking water. Since the start of the pandemic, we have worked on making conferences as safe as possible, creating hybrid conference solutions and taking into account all mandated regulations with distancing, hand-sanitation, temperature measuring and so on.



If at all possible, the waste that is produced at our conferences finds its way to proper waste management facilities. Everything that can be reused, will be.

Supporting children from orphanages in acquiring higher education

Publicon is cooperating with the Estonian Children's Fund to provide higher education to children from orphanages and the foster care system. Contributing to the continuity of the science world is of high value to Publicon, besides organising academic and scientific conferences. This is a good opportunity to ensure that the youth with disadvantaged starting points are empowered to contribute towards research and society. These young adults who strive for higher education are highly motivated and conscientious students, and with a little bit of support there is no telling what they can achieve.

Here is a video from 2021 where the barge Jõmmu took the academic staff of the University to Järvselja to plant trees together.

Planting trees to minimise the negative impact of event organising

Publicon welcomes participants’ donations for planting trees to minimise the impact of event organising and their own carbon footprint in the registration form. This is carried out in cooperation with the Järvselja Study and Testing forest district belonging to the Estonian University of Life Sciences and it just celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2021. Its surface area encompasses 10,554.5 ha with 6,624 ha of forest. The Institute of Forestry and Engineering has an annual tradition of planting trees in that district. If a participant of our event has donated towards planting a tree, the donation will go towards the next tree-planting event.

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